Overwhelming evidence

The title comes from a headline I skimmed about the impeachment report. I've been thinking about it from an enlightenment perspective.

Enlightenment can sound like a huge deal, lofty and unobtainable. On the other hand, I've been learning it can be viewed as simply seeing clearly.

Yet while seeing clearly may sound easy in principle, it's quite hard in practice. We, as human beings, suffer from many layers of delusion.

They result from eternal forces like society's always-on “news” machine, to The Dream Pushers screaming for our attention and politicians twisting facts.

Delusion also comes from inside us. We become too “busy” to think clearly. Our ego manifests delusions in the storylines we hold as truths, among other causes.

These delusions are one reason it takes overwhelming evidence to see clearly. It's the hope that the evidence cuts through the cacophonous noise, making it easier to see the obvious more clearly.