Just when you think...

...things are going smoothly, you experience a power drop with 666 meters to go.

Let me explain.

I'm a cyclist and I train on Zwift. It's a virtual reality cycling app. You can race with others on it.

This morning I decided to do a beginner's race. Although it's early in the training season, the timing felt right to test myself.

I had ample time to warm-up. I got off to a pretty decent start and my breathing felt regulated.

I was set to finish in the top third of riders. That's better than usual for me.

I was pushing hard with 1500 meters to go, then a little harder with 1000 remaining.

I was feeling good, accomplished and in sync.

Then my avatar's power reading dropped to 0 with 666 meters to go. I was pedaling but my avatar wasn't.

Sh*t, power drop...

The Bluetooth connection between my laptop and trainer failed. I thought I had finally fixed the problem earlier this week, after months of troubleshooting.

I guess I hadn't fully. As a result, other riders who had been far behind me zipped past my immobile avatar.

Rather than shattering my expectations I shifted them. Sh*t happens, I reminded myself.

I exited the race, repaired the connection and rode for another 20 minutes. I felt happy I completed my longest indoor ride of the young season, while also making space for the frustrating I experienced from not finishing the race.