Half done stuff

I write a daily priority list every day. It is the single most important work task I do each day. It's limited to 6-8 tasks.

The list helps ground and focus me. I've been doing this for years. In that time, I've learned to scope the tasks to get them done within the day.

This helps remind me that I actually am getting stuff done. It fights the feeling of never getting enough done.

6 tasks feels like the right number. 7 is stretching it. 8 is starting to set unrealistic expectations.

Yet recently I find myself adding 8 every day. This is an indicator something's out of sync. Yesterday I only got half the list done. That's further reinforcement sonething's out of whack.

This demonstrates another daily priority benefit. It can signal that something about my workflow needs adjustment.

I'm not sure what exactly's unsynchronized. I do have some ideas. The awareness and ideas have me feeling hopeful I'll figure it out.