I used to buy into the startup culture BS about sleep being a weakness, unnecessary and for people who weren't strong enough to operate at max “hustle” (another damaging concept) to succeed.

I feel grateful to have relearned the importance of sleep. Just Rolling with It has helped me do that. I sleep about 7.5-8 hours/night now.

This has also helped me become aware of feeling tired and/or fatigued. Since I'm not always in a tired and fatigued state, I can recognize when I am.

I've been feeling fatigued the past week or so. A windy 60 mile bike ride Saturday really did me in. I felt unsynchonized during the ride, exhausted after it, through Sunday and even a bit when I woke this morning.

Paradoxically, the more tired I feel, the harder I find it is to slow down. I see this in our young son too. It's a common understanding among parents of young children.

I've learned it's important for me to slow down, rather than continue accelerating at times like this. It's with this awareness I start the week.