Days like this

I've had better days than today. After experiencing some initial anxiety about having to take a day off from work to watch our son for the day, I settled into a state of looking forward to it.

I anticipated a fun day with him. Then I started thinking about all the household stuff I could use the day to catch-up on too.

Splitting my attention this way got the morning off to a rocky start. My son and I ended up yelling at each other quite a bit.

Since he's 4.5, it's my responsibility to regulate difficult emotions for both of us at times like this. I didn't do that very skillfully this morning.

Getting out of the apartment and connecting with the world around us helped. We pretty much recovered.

Yet I was feeling tense, due to perceived time pressure and scarcity. My patience level was much lower than I would have liked it to be.

But we managed to have a nice afternoon at the Brooklyn Museum together. We bonded during the nasiin bey (a/k/a Mos Def): Negus installation. He seemed to enjoy all 30 mins of it as much as I did 🙂

Yet my impatience and stress still lingered. The little small things that didn't fall the way I'd prefer them to during the day culminated in my partner having to stay late at work. This resulted in me having to miss a much anticipated and planned for yoga class.

A brief cycling workout helped a bit. So did writing this entry.

It's helpful for me to remember the impermanent nature of all phenomena on days like this. I feel grateful for this belief.

Tomorrow's a new day 🌞